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You are in the section: Archive - Star of the Month - March 2007

Marianske Lazne, Thursday 21/06/2007
Exclusive Interview with Saxana

Saxana won the Star of March 2007. We were interviewing Saxana and here are her answers:
Her full name is Veronika Snajdrova. She was born on 23rd May, so she is 19 years old now. She said she did not remember her height and she did not want to comment her weight.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
I have one brother Radek, he is 16 years old and he is a hockey goalkeeper.

What do you like doing at most?
Sleeping and eating :-) I like sitting with friends in a pub and have some beers. From time to time table tennis, swimming, bicycle, the internet and I like to read a book.

What do not you like at all?
I do not like to learn math, vacuuming and putting schnitzels into crumb.

What is your favourite meal, beer and wine?
I love all styles made chicken, lots of cheese and chocolate.
My favourite beer is Gambrinus 12. I do not have to drink much wine, if I could choose, I would drink fernet with coke or beton.

Your favourite color?
At the moment the green, but it can change in the future :-)

Sport you like?
Athletic, but not actively nowadays.

Your favourite car?
No comment.

Your favourite toy?
No comment.

Your favourite pub?
Club na rampe ML, devils bar ML, but since I came home, it has been closed :-(

Place in Australia you liked?
Watsons Bay or Bronte Beach.

What was your last report at school? How many threes and fours?

Do you have any secret wishes or desires?
It's secret, so.... Why should I tell you that?

Do you like girls or boys?

Do you have a boyfriend?

Have you cheated him?
No comment.

Are you looking for someone else?
I do not have any reason, I am happy with my partner.

Would you tell us an amusing story from your life?
One day I was drinking a bit more than I should. I got in my friend's car. He drove the car, when stopping he hit a gutter, then a gutter lid got opened. When I was getting off the car, I fell down into the gutter. It sounds funny, but it was not at that moment when they were pulling me out up through the gutter..

Any meal you like to cook at most?

What would you take home from Australia if you got the chance?

Do you intend to come back to Australia. If you do, when?
Yes, I do. But not in these coming years.

Which country would you like to visit now?
I am going to Scotland shortly.

What is your shirt size? :-)
Size 10




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