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You are in the section: Archive - Star of the Month February 2007

Sydney, Monday 19/03/2007, updated Wednesday 21/03/2007
Congratulations!!! Pipik Is Our First Star of the Month

25 votes have decided that Pipik becomes the February Star of the Month. Pipik has got 68% of all votes.

His winning was clear, only at the beginning of the voting Danka kept the ball rolling. Let's have a closer look at Pipik's profile:

Pipik is only a nickname. His real name is Ladislav Buday. Pipik was born on 07/04/1984, so he is 22 years old now. His height is 167 cm. He has one brother - Jirka (24yrs). We asked Pipik a few questions:

What are your hobbies?Pipik on the north trip
Photographing, watching DVDs, lying on the sofa

Your favourite meal and beer?
Pilsner Urquel and chicken medaillions with peach

What is your favourite sport?
Soccer, ice-hockey and judo

The club you support?
Slavia Prague

What is your favourite car?

A restaurant or pub you like at most?
Czech Republic - Cinema Marianske Lazne, in Australia Vegas hotel in Kings Cross

What is a place in Australia you really like?
Watsons Bay

Do you have any workmate at work you do like him/her?
No comment, but you are not him for sure (in other words definitely not Ales).

Do you have any secret wishes or desires?
No comment

Do you like girls or boys?
You know that very well, I am not a gay.

Do you have a girlfriend nowadays?
No comment.

Are you looking for a partner?
No comment.

Ok. enough such questions. Would you tell us an amusing story from your life?
Yes. You know one. One day last year I was drinking a bit more than I should. And afterwards I was dancing with a mop in the kitchen.

Is there any food you like to cook?
Chicken ragout.

What meal you do not like to cook?
I do not mind cooking, but I hate making mixed cold meat and cheese plate.

Is anything else what you would like to tell us?
Nothing is coming to my mind now. Thanks for the interview.

If you want to contact Pipik, you can write him an e-mail on:

Irca, Ivan and Pipik in Vegas hotel in Kings Cross Ladislav Buday

Pipik, Janko and Stanko in the kitchen Pipik and Kacenka at staff party




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