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You are in the section: Archive - Barborka, Stanko, Ales in Prague summer 2007

Prague, Sunday 01/07/2007, by Ales Welter:
Stanko, Barborka and Ales in Europe!

Finally, after 2 years Barborka and Stanko are going back to Europe and and Barborka with dried fishAles after a year. They spent a night in Seoul, Korea and then they continued travelling to Prague. In Prague they met Michal and Kacenka (former employees of Prague Czech Beer Restaurant). We bring exclusive pictures and stories from their trip:

We had a beuatiful night in Seoul where we visited a local bar and got some local beers and local speciality - dried fish!

Stanko was scary about flying but as a drinking guy there were no traces of fear on his face visible. The second day after nice breakfast we carried on to Prague. We hadPicture: just landed in Prague a 10-hour-flight with no problems except one - the crew on flight was a bit cold, they ran out of whisky after Stanko got the eighth shot. As a result nobody on the board got any whisky. So we had to drink beers.... But it could not make our mood worse, we had holidays and looking forward to being in Europe was keeping us in a good mood. And then it came! The unforgottenable feeling - we landed in Prague! 27 degrees of Celsius and partly cloudy.

Picture: Anna Bar - we met finallyWe had dinner (Spanelsky ptacek) made by Ales' mum and then we set out to Prague centre to meet Kacenka and Michal. It was a nice surprice, because Viki (Michal's wife) was expecting us. We met in a restaurant in Liliova St. Then we moved to Anna Bar close to the Old Town Square. After we said all rumours and stories, Michal (Kacka's boyfriend) appeared there. Kacka works for a marketing agency. Michal got a scholarship in Scotland and he goes to study a computer game programming there on this coming Monday. Kacka stays in Prague till the end of the year and then she should go to Scotland too (probably).

Then we went to the restaurant U Vejvodu. They have awesome Pilsner Urquel beer. Our mission finished at 3 am in Venceslas square, where we ate Czech style cabanossi and drank fernet and beer.

The following day we got up at noon. We continued with Prague sighseeing and in the afternoon Barborka and Stanko left Prague and went by Slovenska Strela train to Bratislava. We had 2 beautiful days in Prague. Michal was our guide and showed us nice pubs.

Photogallery of our trip




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